UniFlash (Universal Flasher) is program created by Pascal Van Leeuwen and Galkowski Adam. It was abandoned in 1998 (v1.17b). It was almost dead project, but it LIVES AGAIN NOW! UniFlash supports a wide range of chipsets and Flash ROMs (read uniflash.txt for a list, it’s also included in the ZIP package). Since v1.40, UniFlash is licensed under GNU GPL v2.

Warning: This program is for experienced users ONLY. Improper use of this program (when you flash a WAV file instead of BIOS image to your Flash ROM) or bug in the code (especially with untested hardware) can cause your motherboard to not work. If you do this, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for that (original authors aren’t too, YOU ARE). To make your motherboard work again, you need to hot-flash your Flash ROM or use external Flash ROM programmer.

UniFlash v1.40 Binary
UniFlash v1.40 Source code