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DOS Viewer 1.2

DOS Viewer Icon DOS Viewer is simple program for viewing NFO and DIZ files. These files often contains graphics or logos (also known as ASCII art) drawn using special characters. These characters looks very good in text mode, but they look strange in Windows programs (such as Notepad). DOS Viewer allows you to view these files in Windows too and experience the ASCII art.

DOS Viewer automatically associates with NFO and DIZ files, so you can simply double-click them to view them with DOS Viewer.

DOS Viewer Screenshot

Download Name File Packed Size File Date
1. DOS Viewer v1.2 dosviw12.zip 185 987 b 19.9.2002

Hardware Monitor v1.6 BETA

Now with free source code

Hardware Monitor Icon Hardware Monitor is simple Windows 95/98/NT/2000 program for monitoring temperatures, voltages and fan speeds on motherboards with LM78 and Winbond W83781D Hardware Monitoring chips (tested and developed on Asus P2B). Now fully configurable, with powerful logging.

Main window screenshot Options screenshot
Main window Options

Tray icon screenshot
Tray icon 

I stopped the development because there are too many different chipsets and hardware monitoring chips. There are other programs that can handle them. One of them is Motherboard Monitor (which I don't like). I released full source code (developed in Borland Delphi 3, then 5 and this beta compiled in Delphi 6 Personal). To build HwMon, you need TTrayIcon and TDlPortIO coomponents.

Known limitations:

New in v1.6 BETA:

Please send comments to: rainbow@rainbow-software.org

Download Name File Packed Size File Date


Hardware Monitor v1.5


176 280 b



Hardware Monitor v1.6 BETA


222 978 b



Hardware Monitor Source Code


57 130 b


JPG Cleaner v2.6
By Rainbow Software and PiT

JPG Cleaner Screenshot

JPG Cleaner Icon JPG Cleaner is simple but powerful utility for cleaning JPG files from anything that is not picture data. Commonly used programs such as Adobe Photoshop are writing additional information into JPG file that isn't needed for correctly displaying the picture.

All this data is useul only when opening the file in program that created it. Other programs such as Internet Browsers are just skipping this data, so the data is downloaded ant then thrown away! Just use this program when publishing JPG files on the Internet and your JPG files become smaller (if they contain non-picture data) with NO QUALITY LOSS.

Usage of DOS and W32Console versions is very simple. Just type jpgclean.exe picture.jpg to clean picture.jpg file or jpgclean.exe *.jpg to clean all JPG files in current directory.

The Win32 version is easy-to-use. Step-by-step instructions are included in the readme text and help file.

Preview screenshot v2.6
  • fixed JPGs with data before header not working (thanks to Jan Alexander)
  • fixed JPGs with JFIF+#1 does not display header type (DOS & W32Console)
  • changed copy routine to use blocks with 'nice' size (32KB)

For complete revision history, read the readme.txt file.

Please report any bugs to: rainbow@rainbow-software.org




Packed Size

File Date


JPG Cleaner v2.6


291 108 b

30. 7. 2002

ZIP file contains DOS, W32Console and Win32 versions. W32Console version can only be run in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and supports long file names. DOS version runs everywhere and supports only DOS 8.3 file names. Win32 version runs in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.


FreewareWeb.com - 5 floppies

UniFlash 1.40
Flash anything anywhere

UniFlash (Universal Flasher) is program created by Pascal Van Leeuwen and Galkowski Adam. It was abandoned in 1998 (v1.17b). It was almost dead project, but it LIVES AGAIN NOW! UniFlash supports a wide range of chipsets and Flash ROMs (read uniflash.txt for a list, it's also included in the ZIP package). Since v1.40, UniFlash is licensed under GNU GPL v2.
Warning: This program is for experienced users ONLY. Improper use of this program (when you flash a WAV file instead of BIOS image to your Flash ROM) or bug in the code (especially with untested hardware) can cause your motherboard to not work. If you do this, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for that (original authors aren't too, YOU ARE). To make your motherboard work again, you need to hot-flash your Flash ROM or use external Flash ROM programmer.

You can have a look at BIOS Forum at Wim's BIOS Page: http://www.wimsbios.com/phpBB2/.





For complete revision history, read the uniflash.txt file (it's also included in the ZIP package).

UniFlash has its own website http://www.uniflash.org

If you want to try it, download the executables. If you want to help with development of this program, download the sources. UniFlash is written in Borland Turbo Pascal (use TURBO.EXE for debugging, not TPX.EXE because UniFlash uses flat real mode). If UniFlash can't detect your chipset or Flash ROM type, please report the motherboard manufacturer and model, chipset and Flash ROM to the following address:

Please report any bugs or unsupported hardware to: rainbow@rainbow-software.org




Packed Size

File Date


UniFlash 1.40 Executable Files


75 204 b



UniFlash 1.40 Source Code


123 823 b


DOS Navigator+ 21st March 2000
Based on DN Open Source v1.51.04/DOS

I will not release any new versions of DOS Navigator+, all extensions I have made will probably became parts of DOS Navigator Open Source




Packed Size

File Date


DOS Navigator+  21st March 2000


508 517 b

21. 03. 2000

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