CARPS-CUPS – CUPS driver for Canon CARPS printers

cx861xx_flash – Conexant CX861xx USB Boot Flash Utility – access flash in CX86111/CX86113-based devices (such as Flarion Desktop Modem) – dump, debrick

ipad_charge – iPad USB charging control utility – charge your iPad and iPad 2 from an USB port with Linux

usbmonctl – USB HID Monitor control utility – controls higher-end monitors with USB port that comply with USB Monitor Control Class Specification. Tested with Samsung SyncMaster 757DFX and 765MB (replacement for Samsung MouScreen utility for Windows) and EIZO FlexScan HD2441W and S1921. Should also work with Apple Cinema Displays as a replacement for acdcontrol and acdctl utilities that are not developed anymore.

dell_service_tag – DELL Service Tag CMOS read/change utility – useful when cloning DELL machines including CMOS settings – that clones Service Tag too, which is a bad thing, use this to fix it (tested on OptiPlex 745, 755, 760 and 780)

ttputil – Control utility for Swecoin/Zebra TTP series printers – utility to query status, configure parameters, load fonts, logotypes and firmware on Swecoin (now Zebra) TTP-series kiosk printers (tested on TTP 2030, but should work on the other series too).

Attempt to reverse engineer Oprtox scanner with proprietary ISA controller

Slovak holidays (holiday region) for KOrganizer (and Kontact): holiday_sk (put in ~/.kde/share/apps/libkholidays/ – create the directory if it does not exist, then Slovak becomes available in Settings->Configure KOrganizer->Time&Date->Use holiday region)